Nagnath Mandir

About Nagnath Mandir

The Nagnath Temple, nestled in Champawat, Uttarakhand, stands as the oldest and holiest Hindu shrine in the region. Constructed by the revered sage Guru Gorakhnath, the temple boasts traditional Kumaoni architecture, characterized by a two-story wooden structure and an intricately adorned entrance.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva in his timeless manifestation as the guardian of serpents, the temple symbolizes his detachment from worldly affairs. Despite facing partial damage at the hands of Gurkha and Rohilla invaders in the 18th century, the temple has undergone meticulous restoration and is now impeccably maintained.

Beyond its historical significance, Nagnath Temple is renowned for a variety of activities, including Nag Devta Temples, religious ceremonies, and the worship of Lord Shiva, making it a spiritually enriching destination for devotees and visitors alike.

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