Mayawati Ashram

About Mayawati Ashram

Situated 22 km from Champawat and 9 km from Lohaghat, Mayawati Ashram stands at an elevation of 1940 meters, gaining prominence with the establishment of the Advait Ashram. Drawing spiritual seekers from both India and abroad, this ashram is nestled amid an old tea estate.

In 1898, during his third visit to Almora, Swami Vivekanand chose Mayawati as the new publication office for ‘Prabuddh Bharat,’ a decision that endures to this day. The tranquility of Mayawati is enhanced by the majestic presence of the Himalayas.

Visitors can avail board and lodging on request, and the ashram offers amenities such as a library and a small museum, providing a holistic experience for those seeking solace in this serene retreat.

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