Dhari Devi

About Dhari Devi

Situated by the Alaknanda River in Uttarakhand, India, the Dhari Devi Hindu temple holds the upper part of goddess Dhari’s idol, with the lower part in Kalimath as a form of Goddess Kali.

She’s seen as Uttarakhand’s guardian deity and protector of Char Dham pilgrimage sites . Among India’s 108 Shakti Sthals designated by Srimad Devi Bhagwat, this shrine has a significant place .

In 2013, during the Uttarakhand floods [edit], the temple moved to a concrete platform about 611 meters above the Alaknanda river. This shift made way for the 330 MW Alaknanda Hydro Electric Dam, a project by Alaknanda Hydro Power Company Ltd (AHPCL), a major infrastructure subsidiary.

Coincidentally, right after moving the idol, a devastating event occurred—the 2013 North India floods, triggered by a prolonged cloudburst. These floods and landslides wiped out the entire shrine town, claiming many lives. Locals and worshippers believe the goddess’s anger stemmed from moving her ‘mool sthan’ (original abode) for the hydel project, which ended up in ruins after the flood. Interestingly, a similar attempt in 1882 by a local king caused a landslide that flattened Kedarnath.

Today, the temple proudly stands at its original site.

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