About Devalgarh

Nestled in proximity to the bustling town of Srinagar, Devalgarh unfolds as a captivating destination, revealing a historical tapestry that remains relatively undiscovered. Once serving as the capital of the Garhwal kingdom, this tranquil hill-station unveils a plethora of ancient temples against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, where vibrant greenery and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets paint the scene.

At the heart of Devalgarh’s allure is the Maa Raj Rajeshwari Devi temple, a distinguished member of the Devalgarh group of temples and a protected monument under the purview of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Alongside, the Laxmi Narayan temple and the Gauri Devi temple beckon visitors with their unique charm.

Legend has it that the town traces its origins to King Deval, the former ruler of Kangra, who established it in the Pauri district in 1512. However, Devalgarh truly flourished when Ajay Pal, the monarch of the Garhwal kingdom, declared it as his capital. Today, the town stands as a testament to its glorious past, renowned for its ancient temples that showcase the architectural opulence of a bygone era.

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