Bhadraj Temple

About Bhadraj Temple

Bhadraj Temple stands as a serene and sacred sanctuary in the western region of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Dedicated to Lord Bal Bhadra, also known as Balram, the brother of Lord Krishna, this temple is believed to confer blessings akin to the revered Badrinath Temple.

Nestled on a hill near Mussoorie, approximately 11 km away from Clouds End, Bhadraj Temple offers a tranquil setting. Devotees can embark on a journey through Library End, Dudhil, and Cloud’s End to reach this divine destination.

Dating back to the Dwapar Yug after the Mahabharat war, Bhadraj Temple’s origins lie in Lord Balram’s penance journey. Captivated by the beauty of Binhar, he meditated and shared war tactics with shepherds. Promising to return as a stone caretaker, the idol was discovered by Nandu Mehra, guided by divine voices, and enshrined in its present location.

Devotees express their reverence by offering milk, butter, ghee, and related products during puja. The temple prohibits entry after consuming eggs, meat, or alcohol. An annual fair from 15th-17th August showcases the region’s unique culture, providing pilgrims with an opportunity to connect with their roots.

Bhadraj Temple remains a cherished destination for spiritual seekers, offering a blend of tranquility and divine significance amidst the picturesque landscapes of Mussoorie.

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